Weight Loss

Dr. Steven Knope explains fat loss clearly and simply.

After watching these videos, you will know how to loose fat, you will know why it’s difficult, and you will no longer be confused by gimmicks… But then again, you already know this stuff.
So, why so difficult?
Because fat loss is easier said than done.
That’s where Fitt-Well comes in.

Contact Me and we’ll construct a personal, achievable, & sustainable program for you. 

I promise to help you every step of the way until you can confidently take the reins.


“A year and a half after I met Stavros & 140 lbs later, and my entire life has changed. No more blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetic & antidepressant meds!

Stavros at Fitt-Well showed me how the right foods, body awareness, and being active was the way to go.

For 25 years I trusted diet pills, weight-watchers, gyms & my doctor’s prescriptions.

Fitt-Well does it the RIGHT way & you’ll feel it RIGHT AWAY!”


Salute friends,

What can I say? Love saved my life.

The love of my parents when they made my 670 lbs. body get off the couch and help my father put up a fence in the back yard.

At that time, I moved like a turtle and can only get in and out of the house through the screen door. That was the first time I did ANYTHING active since I could remember.

My mother and sisters stopped buying junk food and I ate my meals from a salad plate. The first year was tough. I had to change ALL my daily rituals from sedentary and unhealthy to active and healthy. It was the hardest and most miserable thing I ever did in my life. Eating whatever I wanted and watching TV all day was easy, working around the house, having responsibilities to myself and others, and eating smaller portions of food was hard: But, hard for only a little while.

After I got used to it, junk food tasted junky and sitting around watching TV felt like a waste of time.

Five years later, I weighed 270 lbs. That’s when I met Stavros.

We worked hard and for the first time in my life, I had muscle tone, strength & endurance!

I loved it! I took Zumba, Boxing, Kick Boxing… I swam, jumped rope, ran races… I discovered a world of activity, I never new existed.

I am a living testament that fresh, whole foods, an active lifestyle and enough sleep will do more for you than all the best medicines will EVER offer.



Michele Mitri

I’ve been working with Stavros since January 2010. When I met him I was 170lbs., taking pre-diabetic, anti-depression medications, and was terrified of re-injuring my back

Today, I am 125lbs, in the best shape of my life, stronger physically and mentally. I give Stavros so much credit for my transformation. About 5 years ago, I had a spinal fusion in my lumbar spine. I had worked with other trainers who believed I should “work” through the pain.

Stavros believes that you should work within your bodies limits and still achieve success. He will adjust and adapt an exercise so that it’s not painful. Diabetes runs in my family. I had gestational diabetes with both my children. I had been taking 1000mg of Metformin for my pre-diabetes. On January 11, 2011 my doctor took off Metformin entirely due to my weight loss and overall good bill of health!

My doctor is extremely impressed and is now recommending Stavros to all her patients!!!! 

I admit, I haven’t been 100% perfect with what Stavros says I should do, I’m human. But, I have maintained this weight for months and am fine tuning things now. I haven’t been 125lbs in 25 years. I walk by a mirror and don’t recognize myself.

I’m wearing my 18 year old daughter’s clothes!!! Friends and family that I haven’t seen and are amazed, some don‘t recognize me. The funniest comment was “Whose your plastic surgeon?”

It’s hard work, but Stavros has this ability to motivate you, to push you farther that you even imagined you could go. He believes you are capable, he doesn’t accept excuses or the phrase…. “I can’t”, but he does it in a positive, motivating way.

His passion is contagious. If you are looking to loose weight, gain confidence and need to change your life, Stavros is your trainer!


Hello, I’m Bryan, and with Stravros I…

-Lost 53 lbs.
-Got rid of my chronic knee joint pain
-Straightened out my uneven hips
-Don’t have lower back pain anymore
-Don’t walk pigeon toed anymore
-Increased my confidence (got a promotion at work… Go Me!)
-Quit Smoking
-Run around all day like the Energizer Bunny!
-Eat a balanced diet without feeling guilty about cheating every now and again…and

-Fell in love with the girl of my dreams… but that was more me than Stavros!


Christian Beckman
Hollywood Special Effects Coordinator & Movie Producer

Stavros has been working with me at Quantum Creation FX for over three years. He’s a great employee and even a better friend. I’m a strong, Scandinavian, meat and potatoes kind of guy, so when Stavros and I would go the gym, we would tease each other about our work out regiments. I would push as much weight as I could and focus on strength. He would combine strength training with aerobic, anaerobic, resistance, and plyometrics. I would tell him he works out like a gazelle and he would tell me I work out like an elephant. 

Well, we got busy at work and my workouts stopped, my diet got worse, and my stress level increased. I couldn’t sleep at night and that made me inefficient at work. My fiancé was worried and made me go to the doctor for a check up. The doctor told me my blood pressure and cholesterol was high and I that I was 30 lbs overweight. I needed to find a way to relieve some stress, eat and sleep better, and get some energy flowing through me. 

Stavros said he would help and had me replace one “bad” food item for one “healthy” one. Every week I would swap out another bad for healthy until my body took over and started rejecting the bad stuff on it’s own. I just wasn’t craving the junk and fast food anymore. Further more, I started sleeping better and waking more refreshed. Because gym time was non-existent for the time being, Stavros had me do 20-minute band resistant exercises in my office. I did this in the morning, before lunch, and around 6:30. Then I would go home and walk a few miles with my fiancé. 

In two months I was feeling and looking better, If I don’t say so myself. I dropped 15 lbs. granted, the stress of work was still there, but it didn’t feel as heavy.

Best Wishes,

Christian Beckman

I Pray that I inspire my clients|friends as much as they inspire me.  Everyday I appreciate the enthusiasm my Fitt-Wellian family puts into transforming their lives and I see the results that comes from their confidence and belief in themselves.  A happy|heathy body infects the heart & soul.  Give it a shot.