Owner/Trainer Bio

Managing my life with type 1 diabetes and osteoarthritis is educational, enlightening, and sometimes challenging… But, it continues to make me the best corrective fitness coach and all-around athlete I can be.
Most importantly, it continues to teach me how vital nutrition, natural movement, exercise and sleep are to the mind, body and soul.

With over 30 years of athletic training, bachelor’s degrees and certificates in Exercise Physiology, Kinesiology, Senior Fitness, Statistics and Analysis from Cleveland State University and the American College of Strength Management; I have developed a sustainable 35 year active lifestyle that continuously improves my health!

I guess I’m a bit of an adrenaline junkie.  I’ve always love to train, surf, snowboard, skydive, cliff dive, scuba dive, white water kayak, cruise my motorcycle, parkour, train in the boxing ring and on the gymnastic rings… You name it, I probably did it. I love pushing my physical limits.  

With every tumble, fall, and wipe out, my mind would go into hyper slow motion as it was happening.  That allowed me to relax my body and avoid or minimize injury. It also allowed me to take inventory on what I did to throw myself off balance or mess up on my reaction time. That ability saved me from a lot of severe injuries (please don’t tell my mom, she still worries about me) and it taught me invaluable lessons about motion and balance that you can’t learn in text books or any doctorate program. 

I dedicated my life to understanding movement. For some reason, God made it easy for me to understand and teach relaxed motion, fitness, and with those skills, rehab pain. I speak in layman’s terms and people not only get it, they get addicted to it. Even those that have never exercised.

God created our bodies to thrive and heal. It breaks my heart to see ANYONE move painfully. Especially those that are retired. They should be enjoying life, not be prisoners of pain and afraid of falling. But moving, working and training with pain is not just an “old people’s” thing. High school athletes train with pain, adults in their 20’s and 30’s have chronic neck and back pain, and seniors are treated like fragile match sticks and are scared to death of moving!

I pray to change that.

“Nothing pleases me more than to help people change their lives, especially moms.  Everyone knows MOM is the matriarch of the home.
So, if MOM changes for the better, 

THE WHOLE FAMILY changes for the better!”

I invite you to reclaim your health today.
A healthier you will be a happier you!

Thanks for Spreading the Health!