Disability Fitness Therapy

Christina Nixon

Be inspired by Christina’s amazing dedication and will to relearn how to move. A rare bone disease among several other ailments left Christina with no muscle control. But because she still had neuroplasticity to all of her muscles, I thought it would be best if she learned how to move by instinct and coached her to start all over… like an infant learning to move for the first time.

The results were amazing. I am blessed to have worked with Christina and she inspires me more than anyone on this planet regarding will and perseverance. I am also humbled by the trust she and her parents bestowed on me. May God continue to bless you and your family, Christina. You are always in my heart. May you continue to heal. You have the heart of a lion.


After a 30-minute phone conversation with Stavros, I was looking forward to our first work out, but I had no idea my outlook would change, my self-esteem would increase and my abilities would skyrocket.

With inspiration, experience, and humor, and attention to my needs, Stavros has taken my mobility to a new level… challenges are welcomed and barriers are broken down.

As a paraplegic, I have spent my life hearing about all my limitations. Stavros had shown me that my abilities far surpass any clinic diagnosis.

Stavros’ philosophy on body movement and healing is on point. I am reaching levels of ambulance that I thought impossible. 

My energy is high, my eating is clean, my enthusiasm is at its peak and I know this is just the beginning…

Dr. Sam Tambyraja,
Dr. of Psychiatry at Cleveland Clinic

Hi Stavros,

Thanks for keeping in touch. Shom and I were discussing that this is my fourth summer since diagnosis with IPF (idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis). It is noteworthy that it is also the most physically active one since diagnosis. She thinks it is because I have a better mental attitude, ” you are not checking your o2 level so much”. She thinks you have made me challenge myself more physically with a more “can do mental attitude”. I concur.   I am doing the interval training fairly regularly, mostly on the treadmill. I am maintaining my weight, with about 10 lbs to go. 

We have a daily glass of the horrible looking drink you introduced us to. Shom notes that it is tasty and filling. On a negative note she refuses to learn how to make it.

Thanks a lot for turning things around for me.

Dr. Sam Tambyraja


Hi, Stavros,

You’ve made quite a difference in Sam to the point that we go for long periods of time forgetting that he has a terminal illness. Kudos to you!