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Dear doctors, physical therapists, chiropractors, and massage therapists,

I specialize in core strength & fitness, while simultaneously, correcting musculoskeletal imbalances and the pain caused by it.  I teach and train proper body movement and balance.

I believe that our dedication to health and pain relief is complementary… And when our skills are combined, our patients’ quality of life increases exponentially.

We do our best to relieve our patients’ pain, but often, the limited time given us by insurance companies is not sufficient.

If you agree, may I have 20 minutes of your time to discuss referrals and marketing seminars?

I do not expect any professional healthcare practitioner to start referring nor accepting patients from an unknown practitioner… That is why I would like to meet with you and have the opportunity to earn your trust.

I look forward to meeting you and hearing your thoughts on this opportunity.

Thanks for Spreading the Health,

Stavros Kokkas,

ACSM, EP-C, CPT, GEI, Senior Fitness Certified, IFTA, AEF (Aquatic Exercise & Fitness)
Fitt-Well CorrectiveFitness

We look forward to meeting you.

Please send your request for a Fitt-Well  office visit.
…and of course, I’ll bring goodies!

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Thank You For Spreading The Health!

How Physical Therapists & Personal Trainers Work Together

By: Scott Harms, Physical Therapist
Third blog in a 3-part series

In my previous blog, I discussed finding the right movement specialist for you to aid you in functioning at your highest level. We discussed which type of movement specialist, be it a PT or fitness professional might be right for you. In actuality, both may be the answer.  In the fitness and physical therapy professions this team approach is becoming a trend. In fact, I can honestly say, I learn as much from fitness professionals, as I learn from other Physical Therapists when I continue to develop my knowledge and abilities. I feel very strongly that as a Physical Therapist it is my duty to not only help my clients out of pain and through injury, but also help them learn about their bodies and live as active and functional of a lifestyle as possible.

Unfortunately, our current healthcare system makes it difficult for me to provide my clients with as complete of a recovery as they need. With rising copays and co-insurance, decreasing visit limits, decreasing reimbursement for spending more time with clients, it makes it very difficult to provide complete rehabilitation from injuries. In other instances, clients become fully recovered from their injury, but they have higher goals than just their injury and recovery. Fortunately, we have a situation in which there are many highly educated, quality fitness professionals, who have a similar philosophy and thought process that I can provide my clients access to for continuation of their care and improvement.

How Personal Training Can Help You

I can also attest that clients of mine, who have previously or are currently participating in personal training have much quicker and higher quality outcomes than sedentary individuals or individuals who just work out on their own. There are many reasons for this, including body self-awareness, movement knowledge and coordination, and better tissue/muscle quality, strength and control that leads to quicker and better healing. Everyone has different healing potentials, and healing abilities. Those with healthier muscles and joints, better body awareness and coordination will respond better to physical treatments, and have quicker healing times when the inevitable injuries and pain occur. As a physical therapist, I am asked the question every day of why do I have this pain? The truth is that pain and injury are a normal part of life. At some point in all of our lifetimes, every single one of us will experience pain and injury. With more knowledge of your body or injury and a higher level of fitness your opportunity to avoid injury and recover from injury is exponentially greater. I encourage everyone to have a strong health and fitness team to reach your full potential. As Charlie Weingroff, a world renowned physical therapist and strength coach would say, “Training Equals Rehab, and Rehab Equals Training.”