Strength & Sculpting


Working in the executive offices of Disney until 7:00 or 8:00 pm, made it difficult to establish any fitness program, let alone follow a healthy diet.

I’d eat a lot of the donuts or bagels craft services would leave behind, then I’d pick up fast food on the way home and eat it as I veged in front of the TV, detoxing from my hectic day.

Stavros explained that it wasn’t just my lack of exercise nor my “scarf anything down when I’m starving” eating habit that was making me feel lethargic and not look as good as I would like… it was my lifestyle.

Stavros would emphasize eating habits are as important as working out if not more. I had the mentality that if I worked out 30 minutes more one day I was free to eat whatever I wanted the following day. He soon explained that this was not the right mindset.

He reiterated how important healthy eating habits are and establish a fitness program specific to my needs. I had much resistance in the beginning, but with Stavros’ help and support I was able to tackle this.

He had me tracking what I ate to visually acknowledge what I was eating throughout the day and anchored a 45-minute cardio and resistance-training program to the beginning of my day.

In a short two weeks time, my brain stopped fighting the change and fell in love with working out and eating smaller portions of fresh foods I packed from home. I lost 10 lbs. that I couldn’t seem to loose on my own and I’ve converted two of my associates to join me.

Stavros provided me with a lot of motivation, discipline, and knowledge for a healthier way of life. The best part of my new lifestyle is that I smile a lot more and work a lot less hours.

Best wishes, Efie

Argerios Kokkas

Restauranteur, Captain Cleveland (Cleveland Browns Mascot),
Child Advocate

I own and operate The Grille, restaurant and bar in Brunswick and my time is very limited. I don’t have time to go to the gym on a consistent basis and even though I know what I should eat and do to stay in shape… life sometimes gets in the way.

That’s where Stavros and FITT-WELL come in. He meets me at my house and works my butt off for an hour straight, then we go over my eating schedule until the next time we meet. That’s too convenient!

I definitely would not be pushing myself during exercise to get the results I do with Stavros.

The best part about is I don’t even have to stress over not knowing what to eat all the time. When I find myself too low on energy to even decide on what to eat, I call or text FITT-WELL and they give me fast, healthy suggestions so I don’t just stuff my face with the first thing I find to eat.

I definitely recommend FITT-WELL to everyone trying to loose weight, keep it off, and tone up!

Sincerely,  Argyrios Kokkas

Marc Montemerlo,
Hollyood Celebrity Trainer

Stavros has been great working with me with my MFITT Program in Los Angeles. It’s a celebrity fitness program based on high energy aerobic, anaerobic, and strength training, diet (including supplementation), and positive mental attitude.

Actors, studios, and production companies hire us to quickly morph their actors into the chiseled heroes and villains we enjoy. He understands the study of Kinesiology and explains the how’s and why’s of our fitness programs in a simple and motivational way.

Stavros is a great asset to anybody in Charlotte looking to get fit. We will miss his energy and motivation.


Coach Marc Montemerlo
Mfitt Lifestyle Training

Elite Athletic Training

Titus Brown #59

Mississippi State, Cleveland Browns, Denver Broncos

Outside Linebacker

An ACL injury took me out.

Determination, tenacity, and vision brought me back.
Stavros and I have worked together to create a program that continues to elevated my play. If any of my teammates or friends need to up their physical and mental game, I refer them to Stavros.

Body Builder, Fitness Model

Thank you Stavros and Fitt-Well for helping me get competition ready with an amazing muscle building diet and exercises that sculpted me like a statue.  Thanks for taking me to the next level…YOU ROCK!

Erin Weger
Lake High School P.E., Health teacher & Volleyball coach

Fitt-Well has been a great way for my students, team and myself to think outside the box when it comes to fitness. Stavros has led several of my students and student-athletes in optimizing their fitness levels through creativity, enthusiasm, knowledge and relatability to his clients. He was able to involve everyone by using fresh fitness ideas as well as integrating needed nutritional information in allowing for best results.

Stavros has allowed me to see the importance of changing not just how you eat and exercise but implementing a lifestyle for a lifetime of physical, mental and emotional gains.