Elite & Youth Athletic Training

The Balanced Crane,
Agile Monkey,
Powerful Tiger,
Spirited Dragon,
Grounded/Accurate Snake

Are Martial Arts Styles &
The Mindset Of Elite Athletes

Tai Chi is a martial art that originated in China over a thousand years ago. It’s all about harnessing your spiritual and mental energy.

For athletes that thrive on quick, explosive workouts, the slow movements of Tai Chi might seem like a joke. But in reality, it’s anything but… it’s essential.

When practicing Tai Chi, you’re paying attention to how the pieces of your body connect efficiently. The connected structure in Tai Chi movements are brilliant. You pay very close attention to the alignment of specific body parts in a given motion, to maximize your body’s potential to generate force. 

The more you work on that alignment through training your awareness, the more robust your body structure becomes. You start feeling your body mechanics as a connected whole! Everything from the bottom of your feet to the top of your head, there is a connection and an alignment that’s practiced and developed, so your limbs don’t isolate. All pieces are working together.

Strength training focuses on specific muscles or muscle groups for strength & power. But in Tai Chi, there is so much more to add to the equation. You put all the pieces together for one really effectively connected motion. 

Fitt-Well combines the two techniques and the result is motion with resilient stability, agile alignment, and explosive power!

The more you train, the more efficient your overall motions become. From an athletic perspective, this mind/body/balance awareness improves your performance exponentially.

I never considered Tai Chi a serious exercise for strength, power, agility, & endurance. Like most, I considered it a slow, meditative state of controlled movement and thought.

I thought that until I realized, my key training method was to relax the body and naturally allow my power to generate from ground up.  My internal awareness was always in the flow of motion.  That is the essence of Tai Chi.  Allowing one’s body to move, with or without resistance, in perfect efficiency.

Now, this is how I train myself and Fitt-Wellians. The results are Superhuman.  Fitt-Wellian athletes run circles around their competitors.  The entire body reacts as one flawless unit and bursts on command with unparalleled power, quickness, and agility.  All this strength in motion with a very low risk of injury because your body and mind are trained to always be in the flow.

This is an Elite Athlete.  When a young athlete learns this, he/she has no limits and no competition!

Titus Brown #59

Mississippi State, Cleveland Browns, Denver Broncos
Outside Linebacker

An ACL injury took me out.
Determination, tenacity, and vision brought me back.
Stavros and I have worked together to create a program that continues to elevated my play. If any of my teammates or friends need to up their physical and mental game, I refer them to Stavros.

Body Builder, Fitness Model

Thank you Stavros and Fitt-Well for helping me get competition ready with an amazing muscle building diet and exercises that sculpted me like a statue.  Thanks for taking me to the next level…YOU ROCK!

Erin Weger

Lake High School P.E.
Health Teacher &
Volleyball Coach

Fitt-Well has been a great way for my students, team and myself to think outside the box when it comes to fitness. Stavros has led several of my students and student-athletes in optimizing their fitness levels through creativity, enthusiasm, knowledge and relatability to his clients. He was able to involve everyone by using fresh fitness ideas as well as integrating needed nutritional information in allowing for best results.

Stavros has allowed me to see the importance of changing not just how you eat and exercise but implementing a lifestyle for a lifetime of physical, mental and emotional gains.

Marc Montemerlo

Hollyood Celebrity Trainer

Stavros has been great working with me with my MFITT Program in Los Angeles. It’s a celebrity fitness program based on high energy aerobic, anaerobic, and strength training, diet (including supplementation), and positive mental attitude.

Actors, studios, and production companies hire us to quickly morph their actors into the chiseled heroes and villains we enjoy.

Our clients immediately take a liking to Stav.
I don’t know how he does it, but the actors seem to work extra hard for him… (ask him about Jessica!)

Stavros is a great asset to anybody in the Carolinas looking to get celebrity fit!  We will miss his energy and motivation.

Coach Marc Montemerlo
Mfitt Lifestyle Training