Titus Brown #59

Mississippi State, Cleveland Browns, Denver Broncos

Outside Linebacker

An ACL injury took me out.

Determination, tenacity, and vision brought me back.
Stavros and I have worked together to create a program that continues to elevated my play. If any of my teammates or friends need to up their physical and mental game, I refer them to Stavros.

Body Builder, Fitness Model

Thank you Stavros and Fitt-Well for helping me get competition ready with an amazing muscle building diet and exercises that sculpted me like a statue.  Thanks for taking me to the next level…YOU ROCK!

Erin Weger

Lake High School P.E.,
Health Teacher &
Volleyball Coach

Fitt-Well has been a great way for my students, team and myself to think outside the box when it comes to fitness. Stavros has led several of my students and student-athletes in optimizing their fitness levels through creativity, enthusiasm, knowledge and relatability to his clients. He was able to involve everyone by using fresh fitness ideas as well as integrating needed nutritional information in allowing for best results.

Stavros has allowed me to see the importance of changing not just how you eat and exercise but implementing a lifestyle for a lifetime of physical, mental and emotional gains.