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FAQ regarding Corporate Wellness Programs



Q: Can a company be confident that a wellness program will have positive financial outcomes?
A: Absolutely! We will track your hard savings and you will realize them from the start! The evidence for positive financial outcomes from worksite wellness programs is much stronger than evidence used to make most other decisions that impact bottom line. And, like all business decisions, a company must choose the right program for their needs.

Q: Can wellness programs actually improve employee health?
A: Yes, The Center for Disease Control and the American Journal for Health Promotion have shown proof of health program’s effectiveness. All studies reviewed showed that worksite wellness programs could produce significant improvement in employees’ health and productivity.

Q: Once a wellness program is initiated, how long is it until health improvements are seen in employees?
A: Programs that are similar in design to those of FITT-WELL have shown positive health behavior changes in as little as 6 months: A decrease in absenteeism is usually observed first. Productivity increases can begin to show up in 6 to 12 months. Reductions in premiums and ROI will be experienced approximately 12 months after program begins.

Q: Where will we see our ROI from wellness training programs?
A: There are four tangible outcomes that impact a company’s bottom line: health care costs, sick leave costs, reduced worker’s comp costs and disability costs. There are also intangible results that will also increase a company’s bottom line; for example, increased employee productivity.

Q: Could poor employee health habits be changed through an “effective” wellness training program?
A: The American Journal of Health Promotion found that most of all outpatient and inpatient health plan claims were related to seven major health risks. These risk factors include poor nutrition, inadequate exercise, insufficient sleep, and being overweight; which increases the occurrence of infection, diabetes, heart disease and cancer. These are the drivers for staggering health care costs…these are the risk factors that FITT-WELL addresses…that’s what makes us effective, and that’s what sets us apart from conventional wellness programs. Wellness experts estimate that 70% of health plan costs could potentially be reduced or avoided altogether if a success program is established.

Q: How much does an effective wellness training program cost?
A: In a comprehensive program, companies that invest $300 to $600; a fraction of 1% of health plan premiums; per employee per year can expect the best return; between 200% to 600%. National companies that have demonstrated this include: Coors Brewing 615%, Bank of America 600%, Kennecott 578%, Equitable Life 533%, General Mills 390%, Travelers Corp. 340%, Motorola 315%and, Dupont 205%. “Few other business investments can provide that kind of return!”


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