Healthier Employees = Healthier Profits

Is Your Wellness Program Making You Money? 

Think of me as the person who works to improve the wealth of your company by

improving the health of your company’s employees, productivity, and morale.

I provide the resources, programs, and outcome reports, that will help elevate your

company’s game.  This elevation in company efficacy is a promise.

There is a direct correlation between employee fitness and company profits.  properly

designed wellness program can expect to yield an ROI of 6:1.

–  Harvard Business Study

5 Reasons Why Fitt-Well’s Health2Wealth Program Makes Your Company Money…  and other wellness programs do not.

A recent study by RAND Corp. reported that software driven or low responsive workplace wellness programs show little impact on participant weight loss, and no impact on cholesterol control. Additional studies have shown that many wellness programs do nothing to improve benefits costs – and may actually increase the costs by encouraging more doctor visits.
The idea of incorporating healthy habits into the American workday seems to make sense, so why aren’t employers seeing the benefits? Here are the 5 reasons.
1. Ignoring the High Risk Individuals
Healthcare costs fall under the 80/20 rule. The unhealthiest 20% of an employee population is driving 80% of the healthcare costs. To break it down even further, the sickest 1% is responsible for a whoppingthird of healthcare spending and these people are far less likely to engage in the wellness plan, but helping them does more than save companies money and increase productivity – it saves lives.
Why Fitt-Well Works:  We get the unhealthiest 20% involved and participating with incentives and motivations that will not overwhelm or discourage.  This alone, will have an immediate effect on lowering your healthcare costs.
 2. Keeping the Healthy… Healthy
The healthier 80% of the people are driving 20% of the employer’s healthcare costs. These individuals are the ones who are most likely to engage in an employee wellness program.  They may see a modest result from the wellness program, but minimal improvements in already healthy people won’t affect the organization’s healthcare costs.
Why Fitt-Well Works:  We engage the healthier 80% in fun and challenging programs that encourages even healthier results.
We also create a wellness support team made up of volunteers from the healthier employees to help any associates  reach their goals. This, not only helps your company cut healthcare costs, but it also increases employee camaraderie and corporate enthusiasm.
3. Employee Accessibility
Does your wellness programs offer help outside of working hours, beyond the four walls of the office?  If the program isn’t easily accessible, it’s far easier to blow it off at the end of a long, busy day. Workplace wellness should come to the employees.
Why Fitt-Well Works:  We bring exercise training, health education, meal planning to the work place, the employee’s home, gym, park, grocery store… anywhere that will get the results needed to save money and lives.
 4. Wellness vs. Weight Loss
What does wellness really mean? Is it about losing a few pounds, only to gain it back as soon someone reverts to old ways and habits?  The measure of wellness in America lies in reversing preventable chronic illnesses such as heart disease, stroke and Type II Diabetes. True wellness is making a real difference in the statistics that matter, like cholesterol levels, blood pressure and blood glucose.  As these numbers go down, insurance savings go up.
Why Fitt-Well Works:  As CEO of Fitt-Well and type 1 diabetic, It is Fitt-Well’s mission to reach, consult, and help all those that seek it and help change the paradigm of thought of those who don’t think they need help.
 5. Investing Wellness Dollars in the Wrong Place
Focusing wellness spending on the healthiest 80% doesn’t pay dividends. Yet companies continually focus on superficial engagement of these employees. Chronic disease is your biggest contributor to large claims, pharmacy and hospital bills. Investing in chronic disease is the first place to start for employers looking to reduce these costs.

Why Fitt-Well Works:  Fitt-Well knows how to:

  • Immediately start cutting healthcare costs.
  • Monitor and adjust programs to assure perpetual cost cutting.
  • Chronicle savings in a concise and simple report.

Every time an employee or family member visits the doctor, your

company pays for it… threefold.

                                                                                                                  “Fitness is tied to the bottom line more powerfully than we’d expect…

                                                                                                                               -Harvard Business School, Bloomberg Businessweek Research

The increase in health status of even 10% of your work force will have a huge effect on health care savings and work productivity. 

Think about the effect 40% or 70% participation would have on your company’s bottom line!