Our mission is to show people that fitness, which includes motion, nutrition and sleep IS the alternative to medicine.  Fitness DOES alleviate pain.  DOES help children thrive.  DOES help adults lead happier, healthier, more productive lives.  And DOES give seniors the confidence and freedom to remain an active part of society.

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The human body and its motion has always fascinated me.  My training and education kept fueling my insatiable desire to understand and master motion.  I couldn’t learn enough… I studied clinically, researched practically, interviewed and was mentored by doctors, physical therapists, chiropractors, massage therapists, and trained with professional body builders and gymnasts.  

Then, one day, I had my eureka moment! The kinetic chain of movement and balance became clear to me.

Over the past 12 years, I’ve been teaching and training Fitt-Wellians (as clients like to be called) with the methods and mindsets I’ve developed over the years.

The philosophies behind my teaching and training have been around. They are based on natural motion, tai chi, parkour, gymnastics, HIIT & Strength training. 

However, the methods and mindsets are fresh & original.


At first, like most trainers, I was training clients to improve their strength, agility, and physical appearance. But because I was teaching them a new way to approach exercise and movement, something extraordinary and unexpected was also taking place… they were curing themselves of chronic pains, joint stresses, and other disorders!

When a client came to me with lower back pain, a knee injury, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel, planters fasciitis, and/or neck pain… we would practice relaxing the tensed/pain area and continue the exercise with our focus on natural body flow. When focusing on flow became second nature and exercises became more challenging, the client still remained relaxed, as only the muscles that were called upon contracted harder which did not create joint stress. This took pressure off the injury, reduced inflammation, allowed it to heal, and Ta-Da!… Their pain alleviated drastically or disappeared completely.

Now we get as many, if not more, referrals for pain alleviation and balance disorders as we get for fitness, toning and weight loss.

I dedicated my life to understanding movement. I truly feel it is my purpose in life to help as many people as I can to live an enjoyable, active, and pain free life.

God created our bodies to thrive and heal. It breaks my heart to see ANYONE move painfully or not be happy with his/her body. Especially, retirees who should be enjoying life, not be prisoners of pain and the fear of falling.

Unfortunately, moving, working and exercising with tension pain is not just an “older person’s” thing anymore. I see kids and teens sporting with pain, adults in their 20’s and 30’s with neck and back problems from sitting behind a desk and driving all day, and sedentary seniors are treated like fragile match sticks and are scared to death of moving!

I pray to change that, but I can’t do it alone. Please refer our website to anyone in need of our services.  And please let your healthcare professionals know about Fitt-Well CorrectiveFitness.

Thank You For Spreading The Health,


The Methods of
Fitt-Well CorrectiveFitness

Tai Chi is a martial art that originated in China over a thousand years ago. It’s all about harnessing your spiritual and mental energy.

When practicing tai chi, you’re paying attention to how the pieces of your body connect efficiently. The connected structure in tai chi movements are brilliant. You pay very close attention to the alignment of specific body parts in a given motion, to maximize your body’s potential to generate force.

The more you work on that alignment through training your awareness, the more robust your body structure becomes. You start feeling your body mechanics as a connected whole! Everything from the bottom of your feet to the top of your head, there is a connection and an alignment that’s practiced and developed, so your limbs don’t isolate. All pieces are working together.

Strength training focuses on isolating specific muscle groups for strength & power. But in Tai Chi, there is so much more to add to the equation. You put all the pieces together for one really effectively connected motion.

Fitt-Well combines the two techniques and the result is motion with resilient stability, agile alignment, and grounded strength!

The more you train, the more efficient your overall motions become. From a functional perspective, this mind/body/balance awareness improves your health & fitness exponentially.

Like most, I never considered tai chi an exercise for strength, power and endurance. I considered it a slow, meditative state of controlled movement and thought.

I thought that until, on a friend’s suggestion, enrolled in tai chi classes and realized my key training method was to relax the body and naturally allow my power to generate from ground up.  My internal awareness was always in the flow of motion.  That is the essence of Tai Chi.  Allowing one’s body to move, with or without resistance, in perfect efficiency.

Training with the combined methods of natural motion, tai chi, parkour, gymnastics, HIIT & strength training is a kinetic game changer. It continues to enhance the quality of my life in epic proportions and I can’t wait to share it with as many people as I can!