Fitt-Well Trains You With A Physical Therapy Mindset

This Is What Sets Us Apart From Other Fitness Companies

As we train, we reteach you to move the way your body was designed to move. This restructures your “brain to muscle” pathways, assuring pain-free, balanced motion.

Relearning to move properly may sound difficult, but it becomes second nature with a little practice… just like a toddler learning to crawl, walk and run. Her parents don’t teach her.  They may guide her, but she learns on her own, instinctively.  By the time the child is running, she has naturally established the most important cornerstone of fitness… balance.  Now her body can safely improve the other three cornerstones… strength, agility, and endurance without stress or damage to her joints.

Unfortunately, most teens and adults lose the ability to keep their center of mass (area between the hips) balanced as they move, which stresses their joints and makes a painless life, improbable.  

As we train, we will reestablish your ability to balance motion so that strength, agility, and endurance can result quickly without tension. If you practice motion awareness throughout your day, your joint stress will gradually alleviate and your body will heal and strengthen as a consequence.

The more you play around with motion, you will:

  1. surprise yourself with your new-found physical abilities
  2. overcome strength, weight loss, and toning plateaus
  3. become addicted to the rush of breaking through your perceived physical limits.
  4. move without pain, fear of falling/injury.   

Amazing Testimony From Amazing People, Just Like You

But be aware… nothing in life comes without WARNING!

Dr. Lynn Herpy, DDS
"I met Stavros at one of his seminars. I was looking for neck-pain relief & to lose 20 lbs. Not only did we achieve our goals, he also kept me motivated through my breast cancer treatment and became a great family friend."
Bonnie Harris
"Thanks to Fitt-Well & Weight Watchers, I lost over 170 lbs. I'm in better shape than I was in high school, and don't even get me started about my energy level!"
George Bruhns
"I saw Stavros training others in the Sun City Gym but didn't think a trainer could help me with my arthritis, let alone, get me in better shape. I'm happy to say I was wrong on both counts."
Janine Gross
"Stavros is definitely a different type of trainer. He explained what caused the aches in my lower back and knew exactly how to stop the pain... from day one! It was like being trained by a doctor, physical therapist, and masseuse all at the same time."
Peggy Heller
"I started training with Stavros over 3 years ago. My hip joint was bone on bone, painful & my bone density level was decreasing every year. Dr. said I would need hip replacement within 6 mo. Stavros immediately worked on my motion & resistance training. As I exercised, my pain level lowered and after a year, my T-score increased. I eventually had my hip replaced, but 3 active years later and because I got in such good shape, I'm back in the gym just 3 weeks later. My Dr., now recommends his patients to Stavros."
Ryan Weber
"Stavros is a phenomenal trainer, and has assisted in getting me in the best shape of my life. His attention to form and correct/natural body movement has shown me how important it is to have proper posture throughout the day, especially at work. I had some issues with lower back pain and learned through Stavros that many of my problems were due to poor posture & motion. Since starting my sessions with Stavros over 2 years ago, I’ve been able to rid myself of my lower back pain, have greatly increased my muscle mass, and have never been happier about my body and health!"

If the gym is not your thing… Let’s have some fun outside!